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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Internet Protocols(IP) & Domain Name Servers(DNS)

Initially in the internet world, each one's computer was used as web server and files were hosted on it.

How to view the hosted site from a remote computer?

 IP - Internet Protocol. Each Internet connection will have a unique number. That unique number is called IP. Basic source of viewing a hosted site from the beginning to till date is IP. Let's take local host's IP.

Let's take a URL :-

If is my IP, then the above URL would be,

http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/ is replaced by
But, actually as IP evolved first, It should be said as, is replaced by domain name servers(DNS) i.e., http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/

Why DNS came?
Now a  days who bother's to remember numbers? :P Some ignore to remember their own phone numbers :P. Does anyone know, where this IP leads to?
No one may remember it. Infact, no one wishes to remember those. But If I saw http://www.facebook.com/ one can easily identify, to where does the address leads to.  That is the reason why DNS came.