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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Evolution of a name based URL is a big story. Yet, What is a URL?

URL – Universal Resource Locater.

Let’s start from our home, If someone needs to meet us/post us, they need an address that leads them/their post to us. Here people search you so they need your address.

In the same way, When you provide a Resource via Internet, It needs some address to be provided so that people can access your resource easily. That address may be called URL aka Web address.

This article may be considered a resource and it is provided at the address, http://explanations.krishnainfotron.com/.

Here :-
  • http:// refers Hyper text transfer protocol.
  • krishnainfotron is called the domain name.
  • .com refers a highly used TLD extension.
  • explanations refers a Sub Domain of the domain krishnainfotron.com

In the above list, only explanations is our choice, we cannot have any change in krishnainfotron or .com.

(i.e) When once a domain purchase is over, you cannot have a change in the domain name/TLD extension. You have your own control over the Sub domains.

For example, I have many Sub domains like,
and so on.

Here, 1,2,5,6 are called DNS sub-domains and 3,4 are called Redirect Sub-domains.

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