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Saturday, May 5, 2012

CC TLD – What is it?

CC TLDCountry Code Top Level Domain.

Blogger has adopted CC TLD aliases. What is it? A very basic explanation can be done with a blogspot domain URL. Let’s take,

When this blog is viewed in India, the blog’s URL will be http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.in/

When the same blog is viewed in New Zealand?, the blog’s URL will be

When viewed at United Kingdom? What will be the blog URL?

So? What If the blog is viewed at

Reason for blogger adopting this?
  1. It may be helpful for some countries to block blogspot domains in general or a particular blogspot domain, inside their country
  2. It may increase the speed of flow of data. (i.e) If data flows from our own country's server, there might be an increased performance and that is the reason why each country has its own TLD extension so that country's official websites will have a good speed inside the country.

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