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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wild Card Redirect

Wow! Blogger Follows Wild Card Redirect.

Lets take How to blog?

Its blogspot domain URL is http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/
Its Custom domain URL is http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/
When I shifted from http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/ to http://www.krishnainfotron.x10.mx/ there was no fear that traffic will get lessened. 
When URL changes, how traffic won't get lessened?
Lets take two links from How to blog?,

When you go to any of the above two links, you could see that only http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/ changes to http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/ and they are :-
In search engines, when I search for my site, all results related to How to blog? was still going to www.krishnainfotron.x10.mx,


So? I got an Idea, what if all the path that goes to http://www.krishnainfotron.x10.mx/ redirects to http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com? Then I remembered an option at x10hosting and that is called Wild Card Redirect.

Googled for What a wild card redirect is?
Wild card redirects (if set) will redirect all requests for any files within the redirected directory to the same filename in the directory to which they are being redirected to.
Source : http://www.everymanhosting.com/cpanel-tutorials/create-redirects-cpanel.php

What a wonder? It was exactly what I was longing for.
In above two links also http://www.krishnainfotron.x10.mx/ changes to http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/ which will not lessen my blog's traffic more. So? My advice for those who switch from blogs pointing free domain to custom domain is to use a wild card redirect after switching.

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