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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wild Card Redirect

Wow! Blogger Follows Wild Card Redirect.

Lets take How to blog?

Its blogspot domain URL is http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/
Its Custom domain URL is http://howtoblog.krishnainfotron.com/
When I shifted from http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/ to http://www.krishnainfotron.x10.mx/ there was no fear that traffic will get lessened. 
When URL changes, how traffic won't get lessened?
Lets take two links from How to blog?,

Buying a domain.

When I said that I bought a domain, many asked bought a domain? From whom?
I bought a domain from a registrar.

Why should I pay for a domain?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

CC TLD – What is it?

CC TLDCountry Code Top Level Domain.

Blogger has adopted CC TLD aliases. What is it? A very basic explanation can be done with a blogspot domain URL. Let’s take,

When this blog is viewed in India, the blog’s URL will be http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.in/

Difference between Custom and blogspot domain URL.

When you are using a blogspot domain URL, your blog is actually a sub domain of the TLD, http://www.blogspot.com/

Whereas, when you use a custom domain, either your own domain is used or sub-domain of your own domain is used to point your blog.

For example, blogspot domain URL of this blog is http://explanations-krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/ while, Custom domain URL of this blog is http://explanations.krishnainfotron.com/


Evolution of a name based URL is a big story. Yet, What is a URL?

URL – Universal Resource Locater.

Let’s start from our home, If someone needs to meet us/post us, they need an address that leads them/their post to us. Here people search you so they need your address.

In the same way, When you provide a Resource via Internet, It needs some address to be provided so that people can access your resource easily. That address may be called URL aka Web address.

This article may be considered a resource and it is provided at the address, http://explanations.krishnainfotron.com/.