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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Difference between Custom and blogspot domain URL.

When you are using a blogspot domain URL, your blog is actually a sub domain of the TLD, http://www.blogspot.com/

Whereas, when you use a custom domain, either your own domain is used or sub-domain of your own domain is used to point your blog.

For example, blogspot domain URL of this blog is http://explanations-krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/ while, Custom domain URL of this blog is http://explanations.krishnainfotron.com/

Blogspot Domain URL

Custom Domain URL

Sub domain Name explanations-krishnanfotron Explanations
Domain Name Blogspot krishnainfotron
TLD Extension .com .com
M@il Cannot have yourname@yourdomain.blogspot.com Can have yourname@yourdomain.com
Fee Free Paid (Price depends on our usage)
These are the basic difference.

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