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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Service Based Company Vs Product Based Company

After all deep thinking, I came up with an idea of writing how the environments would be in service based companies and product based companies.

[SBC]Service Based Company :
The software engineer who works in a service based company has a big threat for Recession. This is because when once everyone in the world are computerized, there will be no one to give this company a project which implies there will be no software company that gives work to the Engineers employed.
A software engineer in a service based company feels frustrated just because he does the job allocated and there is no way to show his ideas/talent. If the project head says to implement his work in particular algorithm, there is no way of refusal to show his better idea(Still some company accepts the programmers idea, only some).

Product based Company : 
  • [SPC]Single Product Company
    • There are some companies who concentrate on a particular product like Health Care system, Banking product companies. They can be listed under this category. Working in such product based company would bring the same feel as in Service based companies.
    • Infact this is little worse than Service Based company. In service based company atleast there is a chance for change of mind from one project to another. SPCs have only one single project and single concept. It makes Software Engineers think only about that particular product concept. He is forced to be inside a circle.
  • [CPC]Complete Product Company
    • This means the company releases any kind of product under their brand name. Google is a best example for this kind of company.
    • Working in such companies will be really enjoyable. Here you can let out any of your idea that may come out as a project under their brand name. You could work well as well.
    • When you feel the given algorithm might be reverse better than the algorithm you think, you shall very well tell people over there about your algorithm. 
    • Here the recession would happen only when there is no idea for "A new public service product"
    • There are many examples of Complete Product Company. Examples below.
  • Service Based Company :
    • Tata Consultancy Services,
    • Cognizent Technologies,
    • Computer Sciences Corporation.,(Also SPC : Some Banking Software)
  • Single Product Company :
    • Athina Health Care System.
    • Finacle.,
    • Quadrantfour(Also SBC)
  • Complete Product Company :
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Yahoo
    • Microsoft
    • All Electronic Companies.,
Soon Infotron Services would become Infotron Technologies, A CPC.
P.S : Don't ask me how soon :P